Nav­igate to our site. Upload your photo­graph for just one dollar more than the per­son before you. Buy into «TMEP». The amount paid per photo rises with the number of uploads. The first partic­ipant pays one dollar; each subsequent us­er af­ter that can claim the ti­tle of having the «The Most Expensive Pic­ture» and enjoy having his/her pic­ture posted in large-scale on our site. Once uploaded, the pic­ture will be blocked for at least one hour. The mon­ey transfer is done by PayPal. As soon as you’ve been out­bid, your pic­ture will be automat­ically trans­ferred to the «Archive» where you have the ability to nav­igate through all the pre­vi­ously uploaded pic­tures. So, why would anybody pay
for uploading his own Pic­ture?

The Idea

Your pic­ture could po­tentially be seen by many people all over the world. By including additional information about you along with your pic­ture, the vis­itors to «TMEP» could even find their way to your own website. It’s certainly not worth paying to upload an im­age of yours that nobody will see. That’s why we will reinvest users’ mon­ey by showing the uploaded im­ages to a broad­er public. The pic­tures from the first 300 uploads will become part of a cat­a­logue that we are go­ing to pub­lish our­selves. All mon­ey col­lected by that point, will go into the production of this vol­ume. A new project with the goal of attracting public at­tention will be estab­lished for ev­ery fur­ther 300 uploads. We intend to establish

a self-feed­ing platform that grows with the number of partic­ipants and can lead to var­ious me­dia, such as cat­a­logues, posters or exhi­bi­tions. TMEP is a smart art project, conceived and launched by Sebas­tian Stadler (Photog­ra­pher), Stefan Jan­dl (Graphic Designer) and Carlo Jörges (UX Designer).

Thank you — Lukas Wassmann, Martin Jäggi, Marc Hanslin,
Dr. Jo Meier, Russell Sherwood

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How to upload

  1. Make sure you have a proper PayPal account.
  2. Click the «Upload» button on the front page.
  3. Choose a pic­ture in your file browser and type in ti­tle, name, website, country and email (not visible).
    File restrictions: JPG or PNG 800px width minimum
  4. Agree to terms and conditions and click the «Pay» button.
  5. Follow the instructions on PayPal to authorize payment.
  6. Check your order details and click on the «complete payment» button. This will transfer the stated amount to our account.
  7. Your picture is now visible on the front page of TMEP. Spread the word on Twitter or Facebook to everybody.