Why should I upload a picture?

You are part of the TMEP project. Many people all over the world could potentially see your picture – firstly on the front page and Archive of TMEP, then in a professional printed book. Every 300 uploaders we will establish a special action and use the generated money to attract public attention. We intend to establish a self-feeding platform, which grows by its participants and can lead to various media, such as catalogues, posters or exhibitions.

What happens if there are several uploaders at the same time ?

The uploader who finishes the upload procedure first by clicking on the button «complete payment» succeeds it. A message appears for the others telling the upload has been unsuccessful.

What does «60 min (or less) to next picture» mean?

We want to show every picture for at least 60 minutes. If there is a new upload within 60min after a new picture has been uploaded, the counter appears.

Why is there a grey field instead of my uploaded picture ?

We have the right to remove unlawful pictures and messages. If you upload unauthorized content we will immediately censor your picture. Equally applicable if you upload more than one picture. For detailed information check our Terms.

Can I make changes once I have submitted my picture/text?

No. All uploads are processed in an automatic process and cannot be changed once a picture has been submitted.

Can I delete my picture afterwards?

Yes. Just write us an e-mail. To verify let us know your billing address. If you delete your picture you won't be published in the book, neither at any other following actions containing the pictures.

What size / format should I upload my picture ?

You can upload the size you want. Both .jpg and .png are allowed (no .gif). On the front page of TMEP your picture will be auto-scaled from 160px (min-weight) to 800px (max-weight), but in no case bigger than the uploaded dimensions. For the book or other upcoming activities we may need your picture in the highest possible resolution. At that time we will send you an e-mail with the upload instructions for our server. So keep a high-resolution version of your picture ready.

Can I upload more than one picture ?

No. It is only possible to upload one picture for every user. Every further picture will be censored.